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Kazakh national headdress in the Almaty and Astana inexpensive, at affordable prices, the company offers Abyroikz. You can buy Borik, tymak, Malakhai, Kalpak, kimeshek, saukele in branded stores Abyroikz. We have a wide range of Kazakh hats for men, women and children. Atelier Abyroikz accepts orders for individual tailoring of national headdresses. Headdresses of Kazakhs from ancient times differed in a wide variety of options. And nowadays there are no fewer elements of hats. Skullcap, Kalpak Borik, tymak, saukele, kimeshek are the most popular male and female Kazakh traditional hats, are now again becoming fashionable. Wear them on festive events, weddings and weddings, kudalik and Kiz uzatu, school parties and prom concerts. Colorful and bright hats attract and delight the eye.

Traditional Kazakh hats are sewn from natural materials and decorated by hand, which gives them a unique beautiful and attractive look. When you order tailoring, you can provide your own version of the design or entrust its development to our masters who have extensive experience in this matter.

Our stores of national hats are located in Almaty and Astana, but we also deliver to the regions of Kazakhstan. We often order products buyers from Shymkent, Atyrau, Aktau, Aktobe, Karaganda, Taraz and other cities. If you want to buy a Kazakh national headdress, just call or email us, and our Manager will advise you and help to make a purchase

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