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Male national clothes in Almaty and Astana at affordable prices a wide range of the company Abyroikz. You can always buy cheap Kazakh men’s national costumes in Almaty and Astana, in our atelier. We have our own sewing workshop and experienced craftsmen who create real masterpieces of kazakh men’s national costumes. National dress for men is represented by the following elements:

  • Chapan. Male chapan handmade embroidery 3D technology, kanitel (silver, gold). Fabric: Royal velvet. Color: brown, and can be chosen by the customer. Mink collar. Headdress – borik.
  • Nar chapan. Male handmade chain stitch embroidery. Material: Velour. Color: brown.
  • Chapan. Male chapan handmade without mink, handmade embroidery rigmarole (silver, gold). Fabric: Royal velvet. Color: dark blue, and can be chosen by the customer. Headdress-kalpak.
  • Male cabinetry. Fabric: Royal velour, velvet, spandex. The color can be chosen by the customer. Embroidery (pocket, sleeves) at the request of the client (vestibule, surface, kanitel, etc.). Looks very fashionable and stylish. Traditional Kazakh men’s suits have recently become more popular every year. They are worn both in everyday life and on holidays, toi and weddings, birthdays. A good chapan is also a great gift for a well-deserved person in order to express respect to him.

Abyroi kz company offers quality Kazakh national men suits in shops of national clothes in Almaty and Astana. We also have delivery to the regions, our men’s Kazakh national clothes are often bought in Shymkent, Atyrau, Aktau, Aktobe, Karaganda, Taraz and other cities of Kazakhstan. We offer the following options for our customers:

  1. Purchase of ready-made Kazakh men’s traditional costumes in our boutiques in shopping centers of Almaty and Astana.
  2. Ordering the individual tailoring of national clothes for men. The design can be either yours or our experts can develop it to your needs.
  3. Rent and rental of men’s Kazakh national clothes for various personal and family, as well as corporate events.

If you want to buy Kazakh clothes for men, just call us and our manager will help you to make a choice.

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