Kazakh embroidery of national ornaments and patterns in Almaty and Astana is performed by the hands of experienced masters Atelier “Abyroikz”. You can order embroidery of the Kazakh ornament on any fabric which will be executed manually or by means of the embroidery machine from us. Experience and a large number of work performed allow our seamstresses to do their job at a high professional level, and the quality of the finished product always meets the expectations of the customer.

Kazakh embroidery pattern and ornament in the last years very popular. It is used to decorate clothes, home interior products, accessories for home and car etc. Also in the last time often you can find national ornament and corporate branded items – bags, flags, uniforms. Fashion ethnic style is gaining momentum, and every day there are new original orders and requests at the national embroidery.

In our Atelier we use different types of embroideries: embroidery stitch, beadwork or sequins, tambour, etc. can be supplied in any technique – vestibule, quiet, etc. If you order embroidery in Almaty and Astana, you get quality results. Just call us and our Manager will tell you how to make an order for embroidery.