Buy Kazakh national handmade Souvenirs in Almaty and Astana at the best prices in the company Abyroikz. In our branded stores you will find: shields and armor of batyrs, wall panels with national heroes, different types of dishes, chess, clocks, figurines and many other options to become the most memorable and unique gift. In stores Abyroikz available a wide range of Kazakh handmade souvenirs.

You will enjoy a wide variety and a good selection of souvenirs for yourself or as a gift. Recently, it has become fashionable to decorate their apartments and houses, offices and business centers handmade souvenirs made in the Kazakh traditional style. This makes a variety of interior design, and emphasizes the status of the owner of the house or office. National souvenirs decorate the interior and give it a unique look, and they look rich and luxurious. Handmade souvenirs made in the Kazakh national style are the best gift for a respected person for an important event.

Handmade work is always exclusive and expensive, and such a gift will be appreciated. Often Kazakh souvenirs are bought as a gift to foreign guests, businessmen and participants of various scientific and social events. Also, such souvenirs are often given to business partners, businessmen and heads of companies with whom they build a long-term business partnership. A good handmade souvenir will be a great gift to consolidate business relations. Our shops of Kazakh souvenirs work in Almaty and Astana, but also we carry out delivery to all cities of Kazakhstan.

In our company you can buy national souvenirs in Shymkent, Atyrau, Aktobe, Aktau, Karaganda, Taraz, Pavlodar and other regions of our country. To order just call us and our Manager will help you to find a suitable souvenir for your request.