Accessories in the Kazakh national style in Almaty and Astana you can buy in the shops of the “Abyroikz” company. In our sewing shops are real masterpieces of folk crafts is stylish Kazakh national accessories for home and office, car, items of clothing. Here you can buy or order individual tailoring of accessories such as scarves, shawls, bags, belts, car covers, home furnishings, as well as wallets and purses in the national style.

Fashion for clothes and wardrobe elements in the Kazakh style has become popular relatively recently, but quickly gained momentum and now more often you can find interesting accessories with national ornaments. This car seat covers, and stylish bags for laptops, and backpacks made of natural materials, and cover for mobile phones and tablets, and all sorts of women’s scarves, and many other options.

Atelier “Abyroi kz” offers a selection of ready-made accessories in the Kazakh national style in Almaty and Astana, which can be found in boutiques. Also you can order individual tailoring according to your design or developments of our designers.